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Nothing is Impossible & A Hug from Heaven Giveaway

Nothing is Impossible & A Hug from Heaven Giveaway


Enjoy 15% off our special For Difficult Days Collection with the code HUG15 at checkout.

Enter for a chance to win:

1 Copy of A Hug from Heaven, a children's book by Anna Whiston-Donaldson

1 Nothing is Impossible Necklace

1 $25 Holly Lane Gift Card

Sale and giveaway end Monday, January 20th at 11:59PM EST.
One winner will be selected at random and notified via the email address used to enter the giveaway.

Holly Lane Nothing is Impossible + A Hug from Heaven Book Giveaway


Years ago, I had the joy of meeting Anna Whiston-Donaldson while she was managing a church bookstore that carried Holly Lane jewelry. Little did we know, she was so close to a great tragedy in her life.

Already a diligent writer, Anna took to documenting her journey through some of the darkest times in her life as she sought understanding and hope. You can read more about Anna’s story on her blog An Inch of Gray.

I am so honored to partner with Anna and give away a copy of her book, A Hug from Heaven, along with our Nothing is Impossible necklace based on Anna’s son Jack’s favorite verse.

About the Nothing is Impossible Necklace
The Möbius band is a unique form that at first glance appears to have two sides, but if you run your finger along its surface, you will find that there is in fact only one continuous side. Let this seemingly impossible shape serve as a reminder that nothing really is impossible with God. 

About A Hug from Heaven
What if grieving children could hear uplifting words from a loved one who died? It's challenging to know how to support and comfort a child who is grieving, yet A Hug from Heaven does just that. Written as a simple poem of love from the person who died, this book reminds children - and adults alike - that it is okay to hurt, to live a positive life, and to find special ways to honor the ones we love. New York Times bestselling author Anna Whiston-Donaldson delivers a simple and comforting message: love is stronger than death, and hugs from heaven are waiting for you.