White Pearl Charm Bracelet

$ 45.00

Story Card: Holly Lane
Elegant sterling silver charm bracelet with symmetrical circular links featuring three large 8mm freshwater pearls.

How do I add charms?
There are a few ways you can attach charms and pendants to a bracelet:

1. Purchase them at the same time as your charm bracelet and let us know in the "Making a necklace or notes" section at checkout that you'd like them on the bracelet and where if you have a preference of where they're placed.
2. Contact us and mail the bracelet back whenever you buy new charms, we'd be happy to add them on for you.
3. Buy a pair of round nose pliers that would allow you to open and close the jump rings on the pendants and charms, letting you place them yourself.
4. Stop by a local jeweler and have them assist you in placing your pendants or charms.