I started Holly Lane when my oldest was just 5 years old and my Ben was still traveling around in a baby backpack. Those were the days. Recently we were reflecting on how the kids grew up under a craft show table and how none of them can really remember when Holly Lane wasn’t part of their lives. They have been to many states, met dozens of artists and learned that you can indeed take an idea or a passion and turn it into something beautiful. I love being mama to this bunch and feel like Mother’s Day is such a great reminder of the way these five amazing blessings have made me want to be a better person. They bless me with their laughter, their joys, their faith, their stories, the people they have brought into our lives and their prayers. 

I know many of us are missing the ability to call their moms on Mother's Day for a number of different reasons and that this holiday can be extremely hard for some of us. Just know I understand. I also want to publicly thank my step mother for being a wonderful mom and my sister for being an incredible support.  I know that God has blessed me through them and that He continuously surrounds us with women that we can look to for guidance and encouragement. I hope you can say that is the case in your own life. You are loved.

May 17, 2024 by Tiffany Scott


Teri Fair

Teri Fair said:

Please consider offering the bar necklace in 22 inch and 24 inch. Thanks for your consideration. It is a beautiful Necklace, that would enhance the charms you offer.

Patsy Gnagey

Patsy Gnagey said:

I loved reading your post. I missed seeing you in person during Springfest in Ocean City, but my life has changed since my husband suddenly passed April 1. I know you understand how traumatic this is, and I thought of you. I hope to become stronger and able to get back to normal before too long. Keep up the great work. I cherish every item I’ve purchased from you. You have the gift.

Debbie Wrenn

Debbie Wrenn said:

Thank you so much for bringing God’s message and word to so many through the talents He’s given to create beautiful works of art in your jewelry!

Liz Yates

Liz Yates said:

From the Mom of Ruth, Esther, and Rebecca

You, Tiffany , are the blessed and blessing Mom. What a great job you have done with five young people to whom you have and are passing faith in Jesus Christ. This is the greatest legacy you can leave. And the jewelry is lovely too. God bless you.
Liz Yates

Donia Blanton

Donia Blanton said:

Tiffany, thank you for sharing your story & your beautiful children with us. Sharing your gift & spreading God’s Word with each piece of jewelry, Priceless! Much thanks & love❣️

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