The Holly Lane Story

Meet Tiffany Scott

Founder & Designer

Contrary to popular belief, the woman behind Holly Lane is not named “Holly”. Though she is called “Holly” often, she’s actually designer and Holly Lane founder, Tiffany Scott. Holly Lane is the name of the street where Tiffany and her family lived when she founded the business.

Tiffany was always drawn to art, but she suffered from the comparison trap in high school and “didn’t even dare try it.” In college, she studied business and eventually tiptoed into art classes at George Mason University where she earned an arts management degree. She began with woodworking. She eventually moved on to beadwork. “We were particularly broke that year,” Tiffany remembered. “I decided I would make beaded jewelry to give as gifts that Christmas.” Tiffany started playing with the combinations of colors and shapes and fell in love. She was eventually introduced to silver by a friend, and began making pendants to go along with her beadwork.

The Holly Lane story really began when Tiffany came to know the Lord. She did not grow up in a Christian home but met God because of people in her life that shared the Gospel with her.

She was doing a Bible study at church when she prayed “Lord, what is it I’m supposed to be doing?” She was in the throes of life as a stay at home mom, homeschooling her young children, and working in silver. As clear as it could be, she heard the Lord say, “Go home and do this for me.” 

“I knew right away I was meant to create opportunities to witness,” said Tiffany. She set out to create jewelry pieces that would be just different enough that they would catch someone's attention, and become conversation starters to create natural opportunities to talk about the verses they were based on. Because her life had been changed by conversations with those who were bold and kind in sharing their faith, Tiffany wanted to use the talents God gave her to create easy and natural opportunities for others to share their faith.

Tiffany started by creating a handful of pieces and made them available at a few small craft shows at churches. With no expectations and no large aspirations, she has been continually blown away by the way that Holly Lane designs resonate with the many people she meets in person year after year.

As a designer, Tiffany’s aesthetic is handcrafted, detailed and earthy. She is drawn to quirky, colorful styles with beading, and a meaningful, artisan look in her silver designs.

Tiffany and her husband live on ten acres in Montpelier, Virginia with their five children, three dogs and three cats. “We’re trying to raise great kids who love Jesus,” said Tiffany. When she’s not designing jewelry and running Holly Lane, you might find Tiffany homeschooling her kids, elbow deep in her garden, or dreaming about her next traveling adventure.

Over 18 years since its beginning, Holly Lane has grown to include hundreds of designs based on over 75 different scripture themes.

The Holly Lane Family 

Meet Tracey

Creative Director

Tracey works as the head graphic designer, photographer and online store manager for Holly Lane, designing and curating everything you see on the website, in print and on social media. She also serves as the senior manager in the studio, overseeing the day-to-day business of Holly Lane.

Tracey’s favorite Holly Lane piece is the Deep Waters Necklace. She loves the design and the message behind it: “I had gone through a bit of a rough season, but it was such comfort to know that God was with me through it all, and that I could lean on Him at times when my situation felt overwhelming.”

One of Tracey’s true passions is traveling; she enjoys dreaming up and planning her next adventure. She also enjoys drinking tea, hiking, and taking care of her plants.

“It is such an honor to represent Christ in our work, and it is my desire to live out Colossians 3:23 and work as if working for the Lord. My hope is that it is apparent in everything I do at Holly Lane.” -Tracey

Meet Abigail

Production Manager

Abigail manages customer service, shipping, tracking inventory, and everything in between. A few of her favorite things are painting, reading, and watching the Great British Bake-Off. She also enjoys traveling, spending time with her cat, and she is excited for Christmas all year long.

Abigail’s favorite Holly Lane piece is the Always Present Earrings, both for their simple, elegant design, and for the meaning behind them: “I love having a wearable reminder that God is always present in my life!

Abigail is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Creative Advertising.

Meet Kathleen

Assistant Production Manager

Kathleen works alongside Abby and helps with show prep and shipping, as well as making jewelry. She is a great fit for the team as she loves making people laugh, so there is never a dull moment in the studio.

She also enjoys traveling and baking and has a deep love for cows.

When she isn’t working hard at Holly Lane, you might find her on the hiking trails, completing puzzles, or playing with her nieces and nephews.

Her favorite Holly Lane collection is the Sunflower Collection. She loves sunflowers, and suggested using these special flowers as inspiration for a new verse theme; Tiffany loved the idea and thus the Sunflower Collection was created!