Who's Holly?

Actually, Holly Lane is a place, not a person! Holly Lane is the name of the street where I started the business, in the basement of my home on Holly Lane. I’m called Holly often, as you can imagine! And I love the name...but I intentionally chose not to name the business after myself. I never want my work to be about me and what I do, I want it to be about God and what He does.

So, how did Holly Lane start?

Well, let me start by saying God had a better plan for my life than I did. Growing up, I was invited to church many times by many people. I heard the message of Christ over and over again…and then some more. I can be a little stubborn, truly. I’m sure I broke God’s heart as He watched me seek love and acceptance in all the wrong places and from all the wrong people. But He never gave up on me! Looking back, I am thankful for each person who cared enough to invite me to church, youth group, and Young Life…because I finally got it and received Christ as my Savior and Lord! Since then, I have sought Him knowing that Jesus is the only true source of perfect love and He will never forsake me.

In 2003, I began asking God to show me how I could serve Him best with the heart and gifts He’d given to me. Holly Lane is a culmination of many passions, I’ve always had a love for art and handcrafted media which led me to start dabbling in fine silver clay. At the time I didn’t know how it would all come together. He most certainly answered my prayer as I stepped out in faith in using my testimony of His grace, my degree, and my love of art for His glory.

The vision

That’s when God gave me the vision for Holly Lane…a Christian jewelry business with the mission of creating pieces that would spark conversations about Christ! I came to know God because He placed many kind people into my life who cared enough to share the Gospel with me time and time again. It’s my hope that our jewelry would be a reminder to you of God’s word and a springboard to talk about what God’s doing in your life and the hope that is found in Christ. I believe your personal story is the best one to share with others to help them see how real God is!

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,” 1 Peter 3:15