Polishing Kit

$ 15.00

Story Card: Holly Lane

This little Polishing Kit will help you keep all your sterling silver pieces beautiful and gleaming.

If your sterling has begun to dull, use the Polishing Cloth to gently clean and restore your piece to its original shine. It is good for continued use and doesn't need to be replaced until all areas of the cloth are dark.

For jewelry that's tarnished, use a Buffing Square by rubbing your silver in the same direction to begin wiping away the tarnish. Avoid any areas that are intentionally oxidized or darkened. Follow up with our Polishing Cloth to remove any streaks and get it gleaming again. Once your Square is all black from cleaning you will need to replace it.

A few things to remember:

All sterling silver tarnishes over time due to exposure to air, so tarnish does not mean that your sterling is lesser quality or not real sterling.

Wearing your sterling jewelry often actually helps maintain its shine. When you aren't wearing your jewelry, it's best to keep it in a small sealed bag with as much air out as possible.

How to clean your jewelry: