February 2024

This month, we are featuring our beautiful, timeless He is Still Good and Tears pieces. When my husband George passed away, I already had these pieces on my bench and didn’t realize how much comfort, peace, and encouragement the verses that inspired them would bring to me. The Lord illuminated these parts of Scripture so I would be surrounded by them in my time of need. He saw me in my deepest sorrow and gave my weary soul rest and healing. These verses remind us that we can still praise and rejoice in the Lord, even amid our greatest hardships.  

I designed our He is Still Good piece to serve as a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness in all things. Habakkuk 3:17-18 sparked my inspiration for this new collection. 

No matter what happens, the Lord will always be with us and protect us. This verse also reminds us that we are called to rejoice even in our sufferings, which is immensely difficult but possible if we delight in the Lord our God.

Our Tears collection is based on Psalm 56:8.

The Lord sees us in our sorrow and hears each and every one of our cries like a prayer. In Him we find peace and refuge. This teardrop shaped piece features a cross similar to the ones on our Always Present collection pieces to remind us that He indeed is always present even in times of great sorrow. 

February 22, 2024 by Tiffany Scott

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